Furniture Delivery Day

Recently we had furniture delivery day. This is when one of our major suppliers delivers a lot of furniture.  It is always a stressful but exciting day. We cross our fingers so that:

1)      Everything we ordered arrives

2)      It arrives safely and undamaged

3)      We like what we bought

4)      It isn’t raining

Everything arrived. Everything arrived undamaged. We liked the things we have never stocked before, especially the Rustic French Farmhouse Furniture. However it was raining and humid which meant that it was particularly hard work unpacking everything, displaying what we wanted to use in the shops and putting away the remainder in storage.

Of course we also had a mountain of cardboard and polystyrene to safely dispose of, which we carefully packaged ready for the commercial recyclers to arrive today – an expensive but very useful service.

All in all it was a very hard working but satisfying day indeed.  All we have to do now is sell it.  J We won’t be too disappointed if some of the pieces don’t sell though, because we will keep them for our personal use.


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